Moving from CD to Your Computer

Electronic Beowulf 3.1 is an html application that uses a Java applet and JavaScript to navigate, search, manipulate and display many thousands of image and text files. As a result, major internet browsers can run the html application on PCs and Macs. Security problems with Java in Summer 2013, however, have forced all major browsers to disable unsigned Java applets compiled with earlier versions of Java. Electronic Beowulf 3.0 was compiled in 2011.

To fix the problem we have compiled a new signed applet with Mac and PC installers that move Electronic Beowulf 3.1 from the read-only CD to the owner's hard disk. If the owner has already installed Electronic Beowulf 3.0 on the hard disk, the re-installation will take only a few minutes. Depending on the owner's platform, a new installation will take between 10-30 minutes to copy the 23,000 files from the CD drive to the hard disk. After installation, future updates will take only a few minutes.

The installer essentially performs the following:




Windows with Java
Download installer for PC_ElectronicBeowulf-3.1

Mac with Java 6
Download installer for Mac_ElectronicBeowulf-3.1 with Java 6

Mac with Java 7
Download installer for Mac_ElectronicBeowulf-3.1 with Java 7

After downloading the appropriate installer for your Mac or PC, place the DVD in your computer and double-click the installer. Follow the installation instructions and, when the Electronic Beowulf 3.1 shortcut appears on your desktop, open the program with one of the supported browsers.